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Community News
Noor Ul Islam Trust (Comprising MIWA) & Leyton 6th Form College’s Interfaith Friends Dinner 2017
  Yusuf Hansa, chairman of the Noor ul Islam (centre) with guests
The Annual Mass was held by the Père Laval Association UK at the St Boniface Catholic Church in Tooting Broadway on Sunday 17 September 2017. The cele- brants were Bishop Paul Hendricks, Honorary President of the Association and Rev Fr Terry Donnelly, Chaplain of the Association (on the right in the picture.) Carrying the banner is France Dooknah in the company of the celebrants.
UK Mauritians’ Gazette December 2017
15 Annual Père Laval Mass 2017
   Continued from previous columns
of mine of long standing, as he says in his mes- sage
on Page 2, I met Paul in London in the 1960s when I was working for the Mauritius Students Unit (known in Mauritius then as Le Bureau des Etudiants mauriciens à Londres.). This office was integrated within the Mauritius Commission in 1964, subse- quently the High Commission on independence in 1968.
In the sixties, Paul had befriended a few Mauritian nurses in the UK and was already speaking the Creole language he picked up from them. When he went to Mauritius in >> he caused quite a bit of consternation at the airport, and even alarm, when he spoke Creole to the immigration officers. They thought he was a spy! (Sorry, Paul, I have to mention this)
By then I had completed two tours of service (of three years each) at the Mauritius High Commission and I was back to the Prime Minister’s Office in Mau- ritius. (No Ministry of External Affairs yet) I met Paul again in Mauritius. He was helping poor people in
Rose Belle, south of Mauritius, close to the airport, to do handicraft work.
Paul has been in Mauritius (and a Mauritian) for nearly 50 years) engaged in >>>> work. Paul has been on Outer Island Rodrigues for many years, helping disabled people to fend for themselves by running the bee-keeping business to produce world- renown honey.
As Mauritius is commemorating its 50 years of sovereignty on 12 March 2018, it would not be out of place that Paul Draper should receive some form of recognition from the Mauritius Government on the Honours' List for his dedicated voluntary welfare work in both Mauritius and neighbouring Rodrigues Island. May Island Commissioner Serge Clair take note! Paul Draper is putting the Outer Island on the map by taking part in the UK National Honey Show every year. Rodrigues won the trophy once.
More can be said about Paul Draper and we say it in next issue.
 Quiz winning team, Mayor Yemi Osho and others.
Rodrigues News
Rodrigues present at the UK National Honey Show
Rodriguans, Michel Farla and James Lisette, manning the Rodrigues Stand
   James Lisette, Michel Farla, Paul Draper, Councillor Mrs. Vivienne Leighton (Mayor of Spelthorne) & her husband Chris.
Rodrigues, through Care-Co, was represented at the National Honey Show UeveryK this year at Sandown by Michel Farla, James Lisette and Paul Draper.
Honey from Care-Co Rodrigues was entered in the International Competition for Honey from Overseas –(all countries of the World except the British Isles and Ireland)..
Honey from Saudi Arabia won the first, second and third prizes this year.
The delegation from Rodrigues was hosted by fam- ilies in the Spelthorne Constituency-comprising the towns of Staines, Ashford and Sunbury.
Spelthorne is twinned with Mauritius and the Mayor of Spelthorne; Councillor Mrs. Vivienne Leighton met with the Rodrigues delegation to learn more about Rodrigues.
Mauritian-born Simon Bhadye when he was himself the Mayor of the constituency.
See more about Simon Bhadye on Page 5.
What is Care-Co?
Care-Co is described as a Rehabilitation and Pro- duction Workshop. All rehabilitation is aimed to re- sult in a person being able to live their life as normal as possible despite a disability of one sort or another. It is under the management of Paul Draper.
Who is Paul Draper?
Paul Draper is one of the Church people who believe that it is part of their mission to help impoverished, downtrodden and disabled people to stand on their feet and to get on with their lives, as best as they can. Paul Draper (an English national), has been a friend
The twinning was arranged some ten years ago by
Continued in next columns
Noor Ul Islam Trust (Comprising the Mauritian Islamic Welfare Associan) of Leyton, East Lon- don, in conjunction with Leyton 6th Form Col- lege (LSC) held an Interfaith Dinner on Wednesday 15th November 2017 to celebrate Interfaith Week at LSC.
“Mayor’s Team” which consisted of Mayor Yemi Osho, Cllr Geoff Walker, Khailash Khare, Saira Mir, Suleman Aboo and Inspector Alyn Crowley were crowned winners and all 6 team members were given certificates and prizes.
The event was hosted by Cllr Paul Braham and
The evening ended with a delicious meal catered by PC Foods.
we were honoured to have outstanding speeches from WF Mayor Cllr Yemi Osho, Gill Burbridge (Principal of LSC), Jasmine Danish (Baha’i Com- munity), Tara Khare (Hindu Community), Inspec- tor Alyn Crowley (Chingford Police), Ted Cooke (SACRE) and Harfiyah Haleem (IFEES) who all shared their thoughts on the importance of strengthening interfaith relations.
It was a very well attended event with guests from different faith communities coming together to either strengthen relationships or make new friends.
There was some lively discussion as guests par- ticipated in our team based Interfaith Quiz.
Noor Ul Islam Trust would like to express its gratitude to Human Relief Foundation who spon- sored the event.

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