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UK Mauritians’ Gazette December 2017
Yvonne’s wedding bells still ringing
   The Nine Districts of Mauritius
 Each separated block on this map of Mauritius represents one of the nine districts of the island. Can you name them?
    Yvonne Goder tied the knot jointly with Ashvin Persand on 22nd July, 2017 at the Twelve Apostles Greek Orthodox Church, Brookmans Park, Hatfield. Yvonne has half of her roots in Mauritius and the other half in Greece.
When Yvonne exchanged vows of fidelity in July last, MN had already gone out 0f existence in the UK and we had no publication to convey our best wishes to her. We are happy to do so in this first edition of The UKMG. Yvonne, Please accept our con- gratulations and our best wishes for a blissfully married life.
Yvonne Goder has been a faithful and important supporter of our publication. Not only did she contribute to MN but she was also a pillar to our various community ac- tivities like the Mauritian Day event on Clapham Common and our Miss GB pageant at the Civic Centre in Wandsworth.
Pictured above, Yvonne (in white) holding a bouquet of roses on her wedding day in the company of her mates.
             A belated Happy Birthday greetings to Oscar Darling. Oscar was 8 years old on 19 December 2017
From parents and grandparents
Oscar is among the New Generation with half of their roots in Mauritius and half in England
  Young Oscar’s visit to London Bridge (See picture in next column)
Has Young Oscar come to check if the new London Bridge is still there? Per- haps he wanted to know if the Americans have come for it again.
As we know the Americans, in the 1980s, wanted to buy one of the two bridges across the Thames: London Bridge or Tower Bridge to take home. In the end, they apparently settled for Tower Bridge, because it makes sense that if anybody is going to spend big money to buy something worthwhile they would settle for the real thing, especially if the intention is to make money out of it. The idea was to charge a fee to visitors to the site where the Bridge would be reconstructed.
Well, the story goes that when they (the Americans) came to take away the Bridge they had paid for, they took away the wrong Bridge. They demolished London Bridge (instead of Tower Bridge) stone by stone, saving every screw, piling up every bit of iron of the whole structure. They took the lot to the States and reportedly re- assembled the whole bridge like a giant meccano on Lake Hasavasu in Arizona.
But when they found out that they had taken away the wrong bridge, they said that they always wanted London Bridge and not Tower Bridge. They would say that, wouldn’t they?
Imagine if they make the same sort of mistake and press the wrong button, they would make mince meat of Planet Earth, leaving no chance to North Korean Rocket Man.
Anyway, Young Oscar’s smile seems to say, Don’t worry, it is still there!
(Readers may google London Bridge for confirmation of the story of the controversy)

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