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UK Mauritians’ Gazette December 2017
The well- wishers of The UK Mauritians’ Gazette
n this issue our well-wishers are principally the former contributors who expressed their pleasure in seeing another international Mauritian paper published in the UK to fill the void left by Mauri- tius News which, after 32 years disappeared from the UK scene two years ago.The paper appeared for the last time in December 2015.
It is said that there is a time for everything and things happen by themselves to adapt to changing situations and changing environment. Mauritius News had served its time when the generation be-
fore the DOT COM era needed this publication. The Facebook generation of today needs a paper of a different sort. The UK Mauritians’ Gazette has been devised with this view in mind. If Mau- ritius News was OUR paper, The UKMG is YOUR paper and we trust that you will adopt it as such to give it a lasting presence in the UK to serve the community well after elders are gone..
Everyone of the present generation is practically a journalist and a reporter posting and updating tits bits about themselves and their environment every
moment of the day on the social media. Please ac- cept YOUR UKMG as an extension of YOUR so- cial media network for your thoughts and ideas. We shall, however, refrain from accepting any post that may cause offence. We have operated for so many years without slandering or defaming people to get us into the libel hot water.
We are thankful for your support to Your Paper. December 2017 Peter Chellen
Managing Editor
 We are also thankful to our overseas contributors for their rmessages of encouragement and for their willingness to stand by UKMG. We thank, in
aphabetical order: Eddy ABRAHAM (Australia), Breejan BURRUN (Mauritius), Paul DRAPER (Rodrigues), Mylene LAMY (Japan), Ahmad MACKY (Mauritius), Denis PIAT (France), Devinia SOOKIA (USA)
     From Eddy Abraham (Australia)
Eddy Abraham talking to Governor-General of Australia, Her Excellency Lady Quentin Bryce
Itt is a great pleasure to hear that “The UK Mauritians’ Gazette will replace “Mauritius News”. It is about time that the Mauritian dias-
pora in the UK continues to keep in touch with their Mauritian her- itage through this new initiative..
Next year as Mauritius celebrates its 50 years of independence, the young Mauritians of the UK, will certainly like to know the road that has brought their parents to their new country. I am sure you will cover this event in The UK Mauritians.
I wish to offer you my sincere congratulations and offer The UK Mauritians’ Gazette a long and prosperous life ahead.
Eddy Abraham. OAM Melbourne, Australia
From Breejan Burrun (Mauritius)
I am proud to join myself to Mr Peter Chellen's 'The UK Mauritians' Gazette' and his team and wish the new mouthpiece of the Mauritian community in the United Kingdom plenty of success and long life.
After 'Mauritius News' which has served the Mau- ritian community for decades under the dedicated direction of Mr Peter Chellen, I am confident that 'The UK Mauritians' Gazette' will be equally en- thusiastically welcome by Mauritians throughout the United Kingdom.
Breejan Burrun
Mr Burrun, holder of a BEd with major in History, is a for- mer tutor at the Adventist College, Phoenix, a contributor to local publications in Mauritius with a particular interest in the history of Mauritius. He has to his credit the publication of several books.
From Paul Draper Rodrigues
Paul Draper addressing guests at an Anglo-Mauritian dinner in London In front of him sits Richard Gifford of Sheridans & Sheridans (Sols), chairman of the Association.
Congratulations to all the UK Mauritans’ Gazette Team & to the chief of Staff- Peter Chellen - (my friend for over 50 years) on the launch of the Revived Mauritius News UK.
I send you my greetings from Rodrigues, where I now live, and wish you all a very Happy New Launch with the- Seasons greetings to all Mauritians and friends of Mauri- tius in the UK. And of course, a very successful New Year 2018.
      See more more well-wishers on Page 6
 This issue, as we mention elsewhere, contains lots of nar- ratives of what we have done in the past as a community paper, the one I edited for 32 years which went out of circulation in the UK from December 2015.
As we are now producing a new paper, in narrating in- stances from our past experiences we wish to establish the fact that we can deliver with the right support.
We have felt for some time the need for a publication for the community as none exists at the moment. When we were doing Mauritius News, there were quite a few publica- tions that made surface to compete with it. We believe that competition is healthy for business development. But in a
very small and restricted market, excessive competition can become unhealthy and leave little room for survival. All the titles that appeared at the time of the existence of MN in the UK have all disappeared. But MN has itself not disappeared totally. The new ownership of the business has decided that it should be an online publication, which it is at the mo- ment.
When we started publishing Mauritius News in Novem- ber 1983, every subsequent November, in an anniversary editorial, I used to ask the question whether the publication would still be around another year. Operating on a shoe- string budget we were not too sure that we could survive
with the costs going up. In The UK Mauritian Gazette (The UKMG) I shall be asking the same question as to whether the publication will be here in another 12 months’ time.
It can still be here if the community helps it to survive and this is why I have used the motto in English and French in the display boxes by the side of The UKMG logo. So, the answer of being here next winter is with the community it- self.
So, by talking much about the past and about ourselves, we are trying to establish our credibility as a new publica- tion for the community.
It is to be hope that members of the community will put
 The UK Mauritian Gazette (UKMG) is your paper. It needs your support for a long life.
Businesses may advertise on this banner for £75 (ex vat) per issue.

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