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UK Mauritians’ Gazette December 2017
 For its eco-tourism policy Mauritius should not encourage a proliferation of vehicles on its roads
In Mauritius, the City Council of Port Louis insists that all those who want to make their properties available for letting to overseas visitors must provide a landing bay with parking facilities, however small the accommodation may be, and which may still have all the amenities for visitors. Not all overseas visitors who may necessarily need the use of per- sonal cars during their stay in Mauritius.
However, in spite of the fact that in upmarket Mauritius as a tourist destination backpackers may not come in large swarms, there are still a few backpackers getting of the planes, espe- cially those who have made friends with Mauritians in their own countries, like France, be- cause of the language and the proximity of La Réunion which they visit on the same trip. La Réunion is not fussy about the backpackers especially from mother country France. The backpackers do not need car service. They travel by bus. Mauritius has a very good bus ser- vice throughout the island.
The insistence on the provision of landing bays with parking facilities for every type of visi- tors’ accommodation is an anomaly in the law. In the whole wide world, Mauritius must be an exception to make such provisions. Bed and Breakfast accommodations in other coun- tries do not provide any parking bay and well less any parking facilities.
In this respect, we are making it a point to publish one or two pictures of hotels and B & Bs in England that do not have any such landing bays and parking facilities for their guests.
Surely, the Mauritian officials on visit to other countries will have seen that not all hotels and especially B & Bs are provided with landing bays. Hopefully the government will see the anomaly of this provision within the legislation and will wish to have it modified. This sort of requirements applies only to new applicants. Yet, there are old places in Mauritius, the near coast especially which are letting to overseas visitors without any parking facilities.
In the area of Grand Bay, taxi-drivers complain that the Express bus service picks up tourists who would normally travel by cars. So, the overseas visitors have wise up to the sit- uation and use public transport, like buses, instead. The local MP should know that overseas visitors do travel by bus and the Tourism ministry should not insist that modest B & Bs should necessarily provide parking facilities and parking bay for guests.
The old private bungalows let to overseas visitors have no parking facilities. The Tourism Authority does not bother. Yet, life is made a hell for the new applicants to let their proper- ties to overseas visitors. It is right that there should be absolute compliance with the Health & Safety regulations. But this should not be exaggerated. The Tourism Authority cannot and should not ask the same level of compliance from the modest B & Bs as from the big hotel complexes, especially as regards parking areas.
The City of Port Louis is heavily congested at both entrances from the North of the island and from the South. Traffic can hardly move in the morning into the city and out in the af- ternoon. Although office work normally starts at 9am, some people leave home as early as 6am to avoid having to sit for hours in the traffic queues. So, in spite of the pollution and the heavy congestion, why do the Mauritian authorities insist that overseas visitors should make use of personal vehicles to add to the congestion and the pollution of the island?
London imposes a congestion charge of £12 on private cars coming into the city centre. An additional £10 charge, known as Toxicity Charge, is now imposed on older cars likely to cause more pollution.
Londoners and visitors are encouraged to use bicycles, which are made available in various parts of the metropolis. Several nerve centres have been made into pedestrian areas only.
Why does Mauritius encourage the use of more cars in the City of Port Louis by insisting that provision should be made to accommodate additional cars on the road? Perhaps, one day Mauritius may have to impose similar measures to promote its eco-tourism policy. In the meantime an appeal is made to the Tourism Minister and the Local Government Minister to amend legislation as required to bring the county in line with other destinations.
Peter Chellen
  In Mauritius, many hotels have no parking facilties (or in the immediate areas) and the attention of the CEO of the Port Louis City Council has been drawn to this fact. For example, the new Champs de Mars of Port Louis, The Gold Crest and the Gold Nest in Quatre Bornes do not provide nearby parking and landing facilties. In London, we can see the Russel Hotel in Victoria (a B & B), the majestic Amba Hotel in Charing X, the Holiday Inn on Wandsworth Road, near us, do not provide parking facilties. Guests by taxis, and buses. The Mauritian authorities demand park- ing facilities even for a one-bedroom self-contained flat.
     The Amba Hotel in Charing X where guests come by cabs
The Wandsworth Road Premier Inn on the high street, Guests come on foot.
  The Russel Hotel in Victoria where guests come by buses
  Bikes are available on street pavements to discourage the use of motor vehicles on London roads to reduce pollution.
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