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From Japan with love:
Ahmad Macky Mauritius
It is a great pleasure for me to see the birth of the new paper namely THE UK MAURI- TIAN GAZETTE. Many peo- ple are unaware that this-newly born paper will represent and defend the interests of over 100,000 of our compatriots re- siding in UK and other readers as well.
As a British qualified jour-
nalist myself who has lived,
studied and worked in the UK media from 1966 tol 1992, I am well aware of the social and ethnicity problems our compatriots have been and perhapsare still facing even without any help till certain good Samaritan manages to invent a mean by founding a newspaper to fight injustice.Thus the voices of victims of ex- ploitation at work, victims of racial discrimination in society, and others can be heard loud and clear across the media.
It is an accepted fact that the solutions to combat certain problems that our compatriots are facing such as housing, jobs and immigration have never been an easy exercise. We have to tackle these problem in partnership with the media,the human rights organization, NGOs and other philanthropic organiza- tions
So it is high time that the Mauritians living in UK have a newspaper of their own. With this paper they can come closer and exchange their news and views as well as other matters of interest they wish to share instead of living as lonely wolves behind closed doors after their daily hard works.
This is why THE UK MAURITIAN GAZETTE may offer comfort as well as a sort of security and watchdog for their safety in a distant land.
I shall make it a duty to contribute articles to THE UK MAURITIAN GAZETTE for the benefit of my compatriots living in UK.
Now that I am settled down in my native country of Mauri- tius since 1992, there are lots to be said about the traditions and transitions Mauritius is facing today. As Mauritius will cele- brate its 50th anniversary of Independence on the 12th March 2018, we shall have lots of news, views and reviews for all of you
This message will be incomplete if I don’t wish all of you there a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Congratulations to The UK Mauritian Gazette and its creator, the indefatigable Peter Chellen whose media contributions outside Mautitius is
Devinia Sookia USA
Devinia celebrates the festive season with a bowl of soup as she says in her nessage below
What could be more exciting than welcoming the new year with a new publication for the UK Mauritian community. " The Mauri- tians ` Gazette " is coming with news and information about UK Mauritians and UK Mauritian events. Those who have missed the old " Mauritius News " will once more be happy to read about the community. So many have approached me and expressed their sad- ness over the disappearance of that newspaper and their concern for the lack of a reliable UK Mauritian publication.
As an old regular contributor of " Mauritius News " I ( Devinia Sookia ) would like to share my happiness with you all on the launch of the new publication.Let us all give our full support to "The Muritians' Gazette " .
Now let us analyse year 2017. There is a consensus that 2017 has been a bad year due to the election of Donald Trump, the blood- shed in Syria, climate change, food shortages, endemic corruption and the number of people living in extreme poverty in the world.
Polls show that 9 out of 10 Americans believe that global poverty has got worse in 2017 and there has been an increase in children's death. However, if we take a close look we will realise that since 1990 more than 100 million children's lives have been saved through vaccinations, breastfeeding promotions, and diarrhea treatment.
Fewer humans are now living in extreme poverty than in 1980. Ac- cording to experts poverty is defined as less than $ 1.50 per person per day adjusted for inflation. Undoubtedly poverty will continue in the coming years and centuries. Children will continue to die and income inequality will remain. All this seems traumatizing. However strange as it seems there is hope for the future. There is improvement in aid and healthcare. Despite severe malnutrition some remarkable progress is being made to fight many diseases.
So let's keep our hopes high for the future and welcome year 2018.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR. Let us drink to 2018 whether with some champagne, a glass of wine or a good bowl of cafe au lait.
Devinia Sookia, USA
Editor’s Note: Devinia is an attorney in the US. Before moving to the States she practised law in England and was a contributor to the Asian Times and The Caribbean Times in London.
UK Mauritians’ Gazette December 2017
The well-wishers messages continued from Page 2
Mylene’s collaboration assured
Mylene (centre) with Japanese friends at table on a visit by mother Gladys and brother Marco from the UK}
Good Luck to The UK Mauritians’ Gazette as the new organ for the Mauritian community in the UK,
Being myself UK-born and having enjoyed at home, during my young days, the presence of its departed sister Mauritius News, I know that such a publicaion as The UKMG can give pleasure to the younger people, especailly those who want to keep in touch with their roots.
I have enjoyed writing for MN and I shall bepleased to do so for the new one as well.
Best wishes to all for the Christmas and 2018.
Mylene Lamy, Japan
Editor’s Note: Mylene runs her own school of English in Japan
       A meaningful flag for Mauritius
 If other countries can have meaningful symbols on their flags, Dodo Is- land can have a dodo featured on its flag to stand out from other flags.
  Designed by PC
  Denis Piat, France
C'est un lien nécessaire et salutaire. Nous avons tous les mêmes valeurs et
chacun d'entre nous nous avons une estime réciproque envers l'autre, quelque
que soit ses origines ou sa religion. Il y a toujours un esprit de solidarité qui doit
être entretenu entre Mauriciens à l'étranger, un peu comme une flamme qui doit rester allumée.
Et je crois Peter que tu es l'homme idéal pour mener à bien cette louable mission à travers les lignes de ton nouveau journal.
Encore une fois, un grand BRAVO ! et vives félicitations ! Longue vie à "UK Mauritians Gazette" !
Denis PIAT
Denis Piat is the author of <Ile Maurice: Sur La Route des Epices (Mauritius: On The Spice Route 1598 - 1810) and of Pirates et Corsairs à l’île Maurice (Pirates and Privateers in Mauri- tius).> The English versions: The Spice Route and The Pirates and Privateers of the Indian Ocean are available from AMAZON and Waterstone local bookshops
uniqueand almost legendary.
  Rueil-Malmaison, le 12 décembre 2017
Bravo et félicitations pour le lancement de ce nouveau journal "UK Mauritians Gazette" (UKMG) pour les Mauriciens en Grande Bretagne ou ailleurs.
Je pense que c'est une excellente idée car, ce journal contribuera à resserrer les liens entre les Mauriciens de toutes les communautés résidant en Europe.
  The Coat of Arms of Mauritius

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